Spreading Love, Peace, and Happiness

Our programs help hard-working Canadians cope with anxiety and stress, achieve work-life balance, and make life a celebration!

Every year we rely on your generous contributions to help our volunteers and teachers touch more and more lives. As we enter the Season of Giving, we hope that you will give from your heart generously. Your donation will be used to maintain our beautiful retreat center (ashram), to transform lives through Seva (service), Sadhana (meditative practices) and Satsang (uplifting community), and create more peace and happiness in society.

Through your generous contributions, we are able to:

Touch the lives of thousands of Canadians with our programs and free meditation sessions

Support education of under-privileged children in developing countries

Plant thousands of trees in the GTA as part of Mission Green Earth

Much-needed repairs to our International Retreat Centre in Quebec where thousands of people find peace and inspiration

Teach our youth empowerment programs to First Nations Youth (IAHV Program)

Teach prisoner rehabilitation and stress-management programs in Manitoba and Alberta (IAHV Program)

Help seniors suffering from clinical depression and anxiety heal and lead a happy life

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